Robin Bennett, HENLEY

Sue Ap-Roberts, WANTAGE

In 2010, I gave up my career as a medical writer, in favour of working for an improved low-carbon environment for people and places. I worked with the CAB, Oxford's Low Carbon Hub, Sustainable Wallingford and Ecomorph Ltd, advising householders on energy efficiency and renewables. In 2015, my work collapsed as the Conservative Government killed off the Green Deal, all but ended incentives for solar panels, and reneged on the promise of a zero-carbon standard for new homes. I convened Green Lantern, a group of affected green businesses in Oxfordshire, to lobby Ed Vaizey. Government ignored the promise of prosperity from renewables.


Meanwhile, Oxfordshire Conservative MPs tore up years of Planning Law, leaving us with a catastrophically broken planning system. I helped set up Need not Greed for Oxfordshire ( to protect our English Countryside and provide the right sort of housing in the right places.


The Conservative Party has been hi-jacked by an anti-governance ideology, slashing budgets for our communities: hospitals are being closed, school budgets decimated, bus subsidies ended, and social care reduced or ended. My daughter, a junior doctor, faces yet another round of chaotic re-organisation. Conservative incompetence in running our incredible health service beggars belief.


Wallingford has been my home for 27 years. I helped set up the first after-school club, JACS, and chaired the governors at St John’s, moving on, with my children, to become a Wallingford School governor. I have twice been a Town Councillor.

I am building on my 2nd place in the recent County elections, where I was the main challenger to the Conservatives in Berinsfield and Garsington. Oxfordshire’s most rural seat, the Green vote in Henley constituency has built over recent years to a best-ever 3815 votes in 2015


I am a professional musician, and organise

Wood Festival, a music event at Braziers Park running entirely on renewable energy and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. I live in Dorchester-on-Thames with my wife and three young children.


I am honoured to by chosen as Henley candidate. It’s important for voters here to have the chance to vote Green and indicate their preference for the direction of the country and for the Brexit negotiations.


I feel very strongly about Brexit and its possible ramifications for young people, the environment, and the tone of our country. Every Green vote cast weakens the hand of those seeking a hard Brexit destroying EU regulations that protect our children and our environment, and strengthens the hand of whichever Green MPs are elected in speaking for our supporters across the UK.


I enjoyed working on the campaign in 2015 and would like to continue building a strong Green presence in the area, which despite its image contains many people passionate about the environment and the countryside, running innovative sustainable businesses of all kinds, and hoping to leave a habitable planet for their children and grandchildren.

2017 Green Party General Election Candidates

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